One of the toughest and most skill-orientated sports in America is hockey. With eagle level hand-eye-coordination, gymnast-type balance, and the brutish build of a NFL linebacker, professional hockey players are some of the most talented athletes in professional sports. However, every hockey player is not as big or as strong as a professional. Some hockey players are young boys or girls who grew up watching their older siblings or the pros and became determined to be like them. Unfortunately, young hockey players, just like the professionals, are susceptible to injuries.

Although professional hockey is played in an ice rink, other forms of recreational hockey can be played with roller blades or tennis shoes on a dry surface such as asphalt or concrete. Still, it is an extremely high contact sport and players of all ages are at constant risk of injury. Players are running into each other, getting thrown into walls by other players (body checking), and even getting hit by the puck or a stick. Although body checking is not allowed in most leagues below the National Hockey League (NHL), it does happen and it is the primary cause for injury in hockey.

If you’ve been injured from playing hockey, depending on your condition, a chiropractor may be able to help you recover from your injuries. A chiropractor aims to improve a hockey player’s performance by relieving pain and improving flexibility through a series of adjustments specifically scheduled for each body type. If you lead an athletic lifestyle and have been injured while playing hockey, call your local chiropractor to schedule an appointment today.

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